About Kerwin Davis

Hello, everyone!  My name is Kerwin Davis, and if you're reading this I want to personally thank for you taking the time to learn a little more about me.  So let me tell you briefly who I am.  I'm a photographer living in the Atlanta area with a huge affinity for photography and film.  While in college I majored in Art, my degree was is in Graphic Design, and during that time in my life I had aspirations of becoming an Animator for Disney.


I've always enjoyed the arts, and have an illustrative background as well.  I am a self-taught photographer/ videographer.  In fact, the website you're viewing right now was built from scratch, not bad from a kid born in Gary, Indiana right?  As my career progressed, my work was featured on Television on "The Braxtons" TV show.  I've worked with companies such as Lund International as their Lead Photographer/Videographer as well.


So to sum all that up, I'm a creative.The reason I call my self a creative, is because that is the very definition of what I do on a daily basis. I create. And have an immense passion for it.  I feel you need to be creative as a photographer.  It will ultimately open doors to new innovative things so your work can stand out in this industry.  And that my friends is what I'm all about.





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